About Us

Hi!  My name is Mike Gluck and I am the owner of Ad Display Publications we have been in the publishing business for over 15 years, and been in business now for over 20 years.  We used to publish several local papers and magazines in Saratoga County here in NYS. We still  offer Bulk Postcard Mailings for Companies, we used to do Social Media Advertising and we have are our regular clients.  After spending over 20 years in the advertising business I got involved in Coffee Mug Advertising for different companies and I really enjoyed doing and stopped everything pretty much everything and devoted myself to this trade.  I ended up buying all the equipment I needed and started doing it.  I am a graphic artist and used to do design all my own ads when I was in the newspaper business so you are getting over 20 years of of design know how.  If you like a personalized mug designed for you let me know….I can design pretty much anything and I am an ameuter artist so your in good hands.  Thank you for taking the time to look at our website and your future design projects.  God bless!

Love U Mom Mug
Love U Dad Mug

Hello! I’m Mike!  We Specialize In Custom Work!

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